Metal Cam Buckles

3/4 inch Cam

3/4 in. Metal Cam

1 inch Cam

1 in. Metal Cam

1 inch Stainless Steel Cam

1 in. Stainless Steel

1 1/2inch Metal Cam

1 1/2 in. Metal Cam

2 inch Metal Cam

2 in. Metal Cam

Product description:  A cam buckle is used for multipurpose straps, mainly tie-downs.

Common materials:   The most popular cam buckle is the 800 lb. test, which is a cast buckle made of zinc.   You can also find these buckles made of stainless steel or plastic.

Common uses:   A cam buckle is most commonly used in the water sports world.   Rafters use cam buckle straps to tie-down rowing frames to their rafts, gear in the raft, and their rafts to trailers during transportation.   They have also been known to use these straps to tie-down first aid kits, ice chests, spare oars, and accessories while on the water.   The cam buckles can be powder coated to the color of your choice, as well as custom made to make it easier to identify whose is whose!

alternative uses:   Rather than using zip ties to hold your garden hoses together, use a one part custom cam strap.   Other ways of using a cam strap are the following: support for sunflower stalks and tomato plants, suspenders for bikes or ladders, tying animals to corrals, you name it.

Cam Strap Around the house uses include hose hangers, suspenders for bikes, ladders, etc., around tree hammock ties, furniture repair, luggage ID and security, gate closures. Hose Strap

Common restrictions:  Cam buckles come in various sizes and styles, so all of them have different restrictions when it comes to your work load or project demands.  Standard cam buckles resist rust and corrosion, and rarely need attention beyond a squirt of WD40 or other lubricant.  For using cam buckles around salt water, the stainless steel cam buckle is the one!  The following are sizes we carry, along with their breaking strengths: 3/4" cam buckle: 450 lb., 1" cam buckle - breaking strength: 800 lb., 1" stainless steel cam buckle: 750 lb., 1" motorcycle cam buckle: 1,200 lb., 1 1/2" cam buckle: 1,200 lb., 2" cam buckle: 1,800 lb.  Powder coating is availabe.

Similar products:  Before cam buckles came along, spring buckles were the cream of the crop.  Spring buckles were most commonly used in the military for tourniquets, and are now used for the lighter work loads.  Another similar product is the ratchet buckle.  With the ratchet, it makes tightening on your heavier loads a lot faster and easier.

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